About us

Our company was founded in 2014, with the primary goal of coordinating the procurement collaboration of the South Transdanubian Machinery Industry Cluster ddgk.hu, the “joint procurement project”. The successful completion of the tasks encouraged our company to make the discounted services and products provided by commercial activities available to other, primarily industrial, companies in addition to the members of the Cluster.

Our business policy

Careful mapping of customer needs is the foundation of our work. We strive to offer our partners products and services that meet not only quality but also price. Thanks to our precision, accuracy and flexibility, it is easy to work with any of our partners working with a corporate governance system.

Purchasing Partner

We do not see problems in procurement, but deliver solutions. Finding the right human resources is a growing problem, and it is not economical to maintain a specialist procurement trained in addition to the most common company sizes. Many times, procurement tasks are performed in conjunction with other jobs, but the purchasing approach is to “incorporate them into prices anyway” to a clear competitive disadvantage. With our help, trained specialists will discuss what will improve your competitiveness – and we will look for it where they don’t think it can be found.

Our goal

Serving mainly small and medium-sized companies in the South Transdanubia region under favorable supplier conditions and prices, with which we can contribute to the growth of the region’s competitiveness through the reduction of costs.e.

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